33) Moths Turned Eagles the spiritual conquests of Sabri and Raissa Elias

Moths Turned Eagles the spiritual conquests of Sabri and Raissa Elias

Moths Turned Eagles the spiritual conquests of Sabri and Raissa Elias by Gamal hassan published under auspices of NSA of Ethiopia.

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      Spirituel conquests were not, and never will be, achieved by armies.Speaking of Ethiopia ,it was Queen Makeda of Sabea (Sheba) who sought Judaic enlightenment and wisdom of her own free will; two unarmed souls who won over the hearts of Ezana of Axum (Aksum) to Orthodox Christianity, and the helpless fugitive relatives and followers of Muhammad who evoked the sympathy and protection of Negus Armah. The Baha’I advent to Ethiopia, yhe fourth and latest link of this chain,was no exception and we are luky indeed to have our fingertips the minute details of this conquest.

       Moths turned Eagles relates the story of Sabri Elias, a Baha’I faithful from Alexandria,Egypt,who came to Ethiopia on mission twice-first alone in 1933 until the short-lived Italian invasion of 1935,and later in 1944 accompanied by his young wife Raissa and their  two Infant children until 1954 when they moved onward to Djibouti for a similar mission.

Based largely on audio tapes made by Sabri and Raissa at different times, the importance of this history,recorded usually soon after the events  described, cannot be underestimated,nor can the value of their transposition and translation from Arabic,made over several years by an author for whom this has been  a labour of love.

Some of the Baha’is in Addis-Ababa, Abyssinia, 1935

Table contains



3- ANew message for mankind

4-The moths Sabri and  Raissa

5-Arrising to  the challenge

6- The first expedition

7-Healing during pelgrimage

8-the segond expedition

9-Mission accomplished-the baha’i community of Ethiopia

10-Djibouti I

reluctant return to Base

11-Djibouti II

12-looking back in contentment

13-Sabri wings Away



I-timeline: the faith and the land

II-Ethiopie and Djebouti: history land and peopole

III-the 1972 case of Tanta

Iv -Sabri the poet


bahai histoy of Ethiopie


Chevaliers de Bahá’u’lláh list


Somalie française

Liste des Chevaliers de Bahá’u’lláh
  • Fred Schechter, août 1953
  • Fahimah Elias, mai 1954
  • Sabri Elias, mai 1954

Ethiopia bahai Moths Turned Eagles

Choir Trip to Ethiopia for Baha’i Diamond Jubilee Jan 2009

APS Baha’i – Cooperazione Internazionale Etiopia “Imparare è divertente”

Singing Praises to Baha’u’llah

انشودة بلبل الفردوس من كلمات الشاعر البهائي صبري إلياس 1906-1995م



  1. My deep appreciation to Baha’i Nafeza for publishing this brief account of this historical biography of the two humble “months turned eagles” who introduced the Baha’i Faith, not only to one nation: Ethiopia, but also to neighbouring Djibouti. It is my hope that the Arabic version of this wonderful book would see the light soon.

  2. I have noticed that the book was published also on 4Shared in very large PDF scan file. If dear Nafeza wants the word version of this file, I will be more than pleased to provide it for publishing on its site.


  3. It was like being transformed into another world reading this book. I couldn’t put it down once I started reading. Thank you so much to Gamal for your service. Many believers in the US wanted to read the book to gain understanding of the Faith in Africa at the turn of the century. Hope this can be available at conferences and books stores via Kalimat or introduce it in the “American Bahai’s” newsletter.

    There is one information in the book that is inaccurate and it would help if you can change it. Being a Bahai and Ethiopian I feel strongly that it can be removed from the book. I will be happy to consult via e-mail please let me know.

    • I am sorry to have read this inspiring comment almost one year late, However, it is never late. If you happen to read this short reply, you may contact me on the following Facebook account

  4. Thank you. I am glad that effort is being made to bring stories to children.

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